about us

It is with our greatest pleasure to present to you our Company Profile, in which it will include all our services and facilities that we would offer to you through our offices in Jordan.
We very much look forward in having the chance to cooperate with you.

Origin Travel was established in 2005, since then it has been the number one in ranking for incoming tourists to Jordan. We have been upholding our standard of superior customer service throughout the years and intend on keeping the standards high.
Our mission has always been to provide the best customer service and facilities to our clients from the moment they arrive to the country until the moment of departure.

Our arrangement :

We will deal with arranging you the best and most convenient way of transportation around Jordan as well as dealing with the hotels and reservations that may be associated with your travel.
Our service to you will be evaluated on a regular basis from the smallest to the largest details to ensure that all the services that we offer to make sure that every client is happy and satisfied with what we offer.